The Lipensko region and its surroundings

The spring season at Lipensko is a real paradise not only for those who like to relax but also for those who prefer active leisure time activities. Lipensko offers various activites such as hiking, cycling, inline skating, water sports, angling and many more. In windy days the vast lake is ideal not only for yachting but also for windsurfing or kiteboarding. This place is a source of energy, it is like a stroke of the soul. The scenery at Lipensko is diverse and in many respects unique. You can find there practically everything what the heart of Europe can offer. You can admire vast forests of Šumava, majestic mountain ranges, clear ice lakes, meadows under mountains, unique moors with many protected plants and animals, upper stream of the turbulent Vltava river and a peaceful surface of the Lipenské lake. This place is very attractive for admirers of various places of interest, history, local traditions and art. This place abounds in unique historic sights, museums and galleries with diverse theme focus and distinct technical sights being the mirror of creativity and technical maturity of their creators. Most of all, Lipensko is the synonym to family holiday. It is a great place for relaxation where you can easily forget the daily worries and it also offers various attractions for children.

Lipensko in summer

Lipensko is one of the well-known resorts in Middle Europe and it is also an attractive place in the Czech Republic offering glamorous scenery at one hand and the comfort of a developed tourist destination with a wide range of possibilities of spending leisure time at the other hand. If the weather is fine, the summer at Lipensko is a real fairy-tale. The summer time offers various activites from swimming in the Lipno dam, fishing, various water sports ( yachting, windsurfing, kiteboarding, rafting, kanoeing at Vltava river), through hiking in the beautiful countryside, cycling on new and well-kept cycling tracks, nordic walking, inline skating, to golf or indoor sports ( tennis, badminton, floorball), aerobics and wellness ( sauna, massages, etc). As the heading “The Cultural Summer at Lipensko“ prompts, this place offers many opportunities to see diverse local places of interest. Besides technical and historic sites, museums and galleries with permanent expositions, it is possible to get to know local traditional historical festivals and feasts, which are held annualy in many towns in this region. If you are not among the admirers of cultural sites, you can focus on various diversions such as the year round run bobsleigh track cca 1 km long, Aqauworld with a pool and water attractions and a multitude of playgrounds. Lipensko is the ideal place for family holiday, where you can enjoy not only a lot of peace but also fun, excitement and amusement.

Autumn at Lipno

The autumn Lipensko is very attractive for its unique colourful scenery, quaint nooks and nonreccuring views of the surroundings. If the visibility is good you can see from the highest peaks even the Alpes. Foto:CD&C

A great advantage of the autumn season is that there is much less visitors in comparison with the summer season and on your strolls you can enjoy not only last sunny days and the sky, which seems to be much bluer than ever, but also the peace and calm of the mountains. The scenery of Lipensko in this season is a great place where you can draw energy and forget your daily worries.

And if you feel like spending the beautiful autumn days actively, Lipensko is the right place for you; before winter comes you can make use of many kilometres of well-kept cycling and hiking tracks, ride at bobsleigh tracks or sail a yacht on the Lipenské lake.

Fishermen sit at the banks of the lake and the Vltava river to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of fishing before the lake freezes over for several long months.

Come, the Lipensko is beautiful even in autumn.


Winter at Lipno

Just imagine skiing or snowboarding at ski slopes covered with perfect snow, endless cross-country skiing or hikes in the wild scenery of Šumava, countless possibilities of physical activities or unspoilt relaxation. You can experience all of that during the winter season in the tourist region Lipensko.

In the course of the previous years the region of Lipensko became a much-sought-for visitor and tourist destination even in the winter season.

There are several reasons for that. The area is characteristic for its very good climatic and natural conditions suitable for the development of winter touristic season, and also for the wide offer of various winter sports and relaxation activities run by many institutions. All of this creates a great spot for spending pleasant and comfortable winter recreation at Lipensko.

The winter season at Lipno is a great place not only for winter sport enthusiasts – either cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, skating or various adrenalin sports, but also for unconventional and refreshing trips on snowhoes. This spot is also very suitable for those who enjoy recreation and relaxation in the romantic snow-covered scenery of Šumava. It is possible to ride with a dog team in the winter countryside, have a ride on bobsleigh track, relax in an aquapark or go to some of the local restaurants or cafes.

The scenery at Lipno does not lack its beauty even in winter. On the contrary, during your trips to the surroundings and to the varied nooks of Šumava you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery, which will please your soul.

Winter is nice, come to Lipno and you will be fine.


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